2024 Girls state playoffs

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Re: 2024 Girls state playoffs

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Crimson's Ghost wrote: March 21st, 2024, 1:50 pm Bummer for MC. Missed two fouls shots while up one, then gave up a 3-point play, and couldn't get off a shot at the end. Outplayed Kennedy for most of the second half, just couldn't ever really pull away. The lead would hover around 6, but couldn't get it higher than that.
Also mc couldn't stop fields
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Re: 2024 Girls state playoffs

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Nobody can stop her.
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Re: 2024 Girls state playoffs

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A huge congrats to Altoona University and the other private schools on stealing more titles away from public schools. 4/4 so far on the girls side and 3/4 on the boys side for private schools. The only public school being Aliquippa, which is an anomaly of a public school for male athletics. But there’s no problem with private schools…
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Re: 2024 Girls state playoffs

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