Chestnut Ridge vs Forest Hills last nt.

Shoot the half!!!
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Chestnut Ridge vs Forest Hills last nt.

Post by Manfred » February 5th, 2021, 9:25 am

Some notes from this observer. A very good match! Much closer than I expected. I knew Ridge's ranking, and recent tournament results, so expected us to lose like 40-12, 40-15. I did not expect the 2 upper weights to win, they were big surprises. Don't know what happened with our 189'er, giving a forfeit there, and the expected other forfeit as we've had 2 holes all season. One of the holes was unexpectedly filled with the return of Teeter for 138/ 145, and he came through with a decision his first match back. Arrington, that kid is spoiling us. We expect a quick fall every match and he delivers. The Weyandt-Moore match was a good one too, with Ryan just doing his thing. I understand the use of 2 mats as some schools have been doing, but please, can you not have the single camera focused at the dividing line between the 2 mats? The outer third of each mat was out of the camera and much of the action was missed. Is it too much to ask for someone to adjust the camera to the particular match being used, then adjust it to the other mat when needed? FH is using a 3 camera setup that is alternating the views every half minute or so, and it looks almost professionally executed. Shaq Shilcosky's play-by-play for our home match vs Cambria Hts. the other night was top notch too! And we are using a single center mat that gets a mop-down after every match. What cleaner are the schools with multi mats using, that they have to let it dry every other match? An alcohol based compound evaporates very fast. Just glad this observer can even watch from home with YouTube or NFHS. Can't wait for the sectionals to start.
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Re: Chestnut Ridge vs Forest Hills last nt.

Post by Husker33 » February 5th, 2021, 12:50 pm

The NFHS cameras cannot be adjusted locally. They have to be adjusted by NFHS.
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Re: Chestnut Ridge vs Forest Hills last nt.

Post by bcor » February 28th, 2021, 2:40 pm ... h-west-aa/

2021 South West AA Regional
at Kovalchick Center (IUP) -- February 27, 2021

1. 64.0 Burrell (BUR) 2 1 - - -
2. 60.5 Forest Hills (FH) 1 1 1 - -
3. 56.5 Chestnut Ridge (CNRG) - 1 1 - 2

Chestnut Ridge Lions
Chestnut Ridge section of
Wt Name Gr Record Place Finish
106 Hunter Riggleman SO 0-2
113 Calan Bollman SO 2-2 FIFTH PLACE
126 Ross Dull JR 3-1 THIRD PLACE
132 Kobi Burkett SO 1-3 SIXTH PLACE
138 Colton Bollman JR 0-2
145 Jack Moyer JR 2-2 FIFTH PLACE
152 Luke Moore JR 2-1 SECOND PLACE
160 Trevor Weyandt JR 0-2
172 Daniel Moore JR 1-3 SIXTH PLACE

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