2021 College Football Thread

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Re: 2021 College Football Thread

Post by abpk2903 » September 15th, 2021, 10:51 am

Some additional observations through 2 weeks.

-College Football has always catered to the blue bloods. How a writer can honestly think that Ohio State, Clemson, and Notre Dame's on field product equates to a top dozen ranking is sort of mind blowing. But it is a huge advantage to these teams. Even through 2 horrible weeks of play, they all control their own relatively easy destiny to a CFP bid even when they all have very easy conference (or in ND's case, no conference at all) scheduling. I almost guarantee that 2 of these teams will make it. Ohio State crosses over to Purdue, Nebraska, and Minnesota. They get Penn State and Michigan State at home. They do travel to Michigan. Clemson doesn't play a ranked opponent the rest of the way. The toughest game remaining on their schedule is at Pitt. They avoid Virginia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, and Virginia. If this team gets into the playoff, it is NOT based on resume and on field performance. AAC or Mountain West teams play a tougher schedule.

-USC is on a slippery slope. Nebraska, Tennessee, and Texas have all cycled through head coaches after a long term successful national champion head coach left their program. Those teams are all in big time trouble right now. They each probably have a 4-5 year rebuild at minimum if everything goes right from this point on. USC has to get this next hire right. Oregon has supplanted them as the western power in my opinion. UCLA is going to be formidable under Chip Kelly. Arizona State seems to be going in the right direction (as long as the NCAA doesn't drop the hammer from violations). Now USC is going to probably go 6-8 months of important recruiting time period without a full time head coach. Also, CA tax laws makes taking a big time coach living in the Southeast or Midwest much harder. $9 million a year in LA isn't nearly what $9 million a year in South Carolina or Iowa.

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